Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Coleus Greenhouse With Heat!

Not sure if I mentioned it previously but there has been a need for heat in the early spring to get things along. Planned properly I can probably get an extra month (two if started in late February) of full color by using this older idea.

Four Coleus were picked up from Quinns Greenhouse up in MaCaysville, GA (borders TN) three weeks ago. Mother plants in the center. Forty are shown that have been rooted at different times. Other stuff include some potato vines from Florida and a tray of climbing Nasturtiums moved from the seed house.

The heater is ideal, but I was a bit concerned with the area being so small and how it would work, not to mention burning the house down if it shorted. Designed for indoor use, it's also referred to as a milk house heater. For $29.00 from the local Ace hardware it keeps things in the mid 50's even on cold nights like this morning when the outdoor temperature was 28. The current setting is very low, so the potential for heating a much larger area is very good.

Who knows what kind of set up I'll have next year. Maybe I can specialize in something and earn some extra income.

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