Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Blooms

The second week of April around here usually brings Tulips, but not this year. Instead we have Petunias! Really. These are leftovers from last year that did not die off, just kinda shrunk. If I'm not mistaken these on and near the driveway don't ordinarily look like this until late June or so.

In and around the petunias are snapdragons and a reseeded Pansy from the fall of 2010 planting. This is an area that reseeds Petunias heavily, hoping more come to life but I don't think I'll need any more this year with my plug order arriving next week.

More Petunias along the driveway...

No blooms here but this will be the location of my plug greenhouse. Five ounce plastic cups (three seen) from Walmart will serve as a starter container. This will be covered with a frame and plastic sheathing until they're ready to take on the warmer weather come early to mid May. Great warm and sunny location for them to grow. I figure I can fit almost 1,000 in this area. 25 per square foot with 36 square foot available...not that I'll need all the area.

Remember that tiny Petunia plant I've been testing on the hill? Two weeks and plenty of growth. Looks like the hill project will work.

A few new Azaleas I picked up three weeks ago in with some new Hostas from last summer.

That's about it for the blooms. Oh, one more. Blue Star creeper. This area should be completely filled out by mid summer.

A progress pic on the Petunias On A Hill. Found a great source of newly discovered rocks in the woods near the house. All I have to do is just roll 'em down the hill. Expect more as time goes on. I'm about to yank that small Mountain Laurel in the middle. They're down right ugly 50 weeks out of the year anyway.

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