Saturday, March 17, 2012

No Daffodil Sightings This Year

Oh, okay, a few here and there but the warm winter has many things ahead of schedule around here. One that has me surprised are Morning Glory seedlings, but this spot is an oasis of warmth in the late winter and early spring. Protected from northern winds and heat absorbed by the stone wall keeps it nice and toasty. Even a few Petunias made it through the winter but no flowering.

Others include perennial snapdragons, a few straggling violas or pansies that probably reseeded from the previous year. No mass plantings of violas and pansies this past winter. Below is about the only spot that also shows whitish daffodils. I don't recall the exact name but it appears they bloom 2-4 weeks after most of the common ones.

And loads of Moon flower seeds ready to drop. Three seeds per pod. I probably had 15 flowers (minimum) each day from mid August to late September. Basic math tells me I have about 400 seeds. I wonder if they'll come true this summer. Three original plants...massive. They'll be loads of these around here this year! Here, there, and everywhere.

Lookie here! A freaking healthy perennial from seed last year! Real healthy. Lupines I believe.

And how about those stubborn Columbines? Who knows. Third year for them.

A few yellow daffodils up the driveway, along with those same white ones shown earlier.

Added - About those Moonflower seeds. Most have either been destroyed by mold or became a nice winter meal for some insect critters. I managed to retrieve 50 or 60 while others of question just thrown under the porch.

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