Thursday, March 8, 2012

Forget The Seeds. Forget The Overpriced Plants At The Orange & Blue Places

Mentioned previously I want to try flower plugs this year from NCFarms. Having placed the order today for 600 plugs I'll be busy when they arrive. They're not the type that you can just plop in the ground and expect them to grow. At this stage they still need some tender care. Order should arrive the week of April 22, still a bit early as the average last frost hits about that date.

So they all need to be transplanted into something larger. I have oodles of containers piled neatly near the woods. Four inch to one gallon. I'm thinking of using the railroad tie garden along the driveway as a temporary nursery covered/tented with plastic sheathing. It gets plenty of sun each day and is protected from winds. Ideal for the 300 trailing petunias but could be too strong for the 300 coleus.

Coleus Selections: They all grow to knee high height and not those lousy ones that don't go higher than eight inches. Oh, they're all supposed to like full sun, but that orange color I had last year faded too much. No idea what the name was.

Coleus Oxblood
 Coleus Golda
Coleus Rustic Orange

Petunia Selections:

Trailing Purple

Trailing White
Trailing Red

Now that I look at them more, perhaps a different color other than red? Not pink, sorry.

About that irrigation. I think I'm going to abandon the green energy and go with a good gas powered pump. Lot's of great reviews on the Honda WX10. Only problem is climbing up and down that hill near the source.  Rocks, boulders, trees, you name it. A remote kill switch would be beautiful!

Local folks have a water tank (330 gal) or two for sale. Pricey though, off Craigslist. Only eight miles away. Fugly? Yes, but I could tuck it in the woods out of sight, covered with a green tarp.. Maybe I don't need it. The Honda has great numbers. Pressure, head, ease of use, etc. Plenty of tinkering with options before I consider a tank.

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