Thursday, October 14, 2010

Very Easy To Grow

We'll see what happens here. I've heard it time and again especially those Cosmos that did not impress at all this year. It has much to do with the silly spacing suggestion they have on seed packs. Too far apart! So these very easy to grow Violas are planted at the driveway bend along with some past blooming Asters I picked up for a buck a piece. Even Walter Reeves the Georgia gardener expert says they're easy. Spring bulbs planted here and there as well.

One container garden done with a new twist while using some landscaping timbers. Notice the Cactus Zinnias leaning in the wind in the background. Several are six to seven feet high. They're keepers for next year, or at least worth spending time with.

Plenty of color over on the west side with some Mums that have been moved several times. They're keepers as well. They're kind of growing on me as long as they're out of sight most of the year. Coleus and elephant ear fading along with the Caladiums behind the Mums.

I was about to pull these Impatiens until I really looked at them closely. One of the best showings this year.

Knockout Roses planted a few months ago are an easy one to grow...very easy. Should provide some great all year round color up the driveway...

And finally the lawn has improved while using some annual Rye...


  1. What a beautiful yard and garden!!! Your blog was sent to me by my friend who lives in Ellijay. I frequently visit Ellijay as my older brother has a home there off of Pole Coffee, just a beautiful area! I'm sure the leaves have begun to turn. I usually spend a long weekend for the Apple Festival but was unable to this year. Take some pictures of the foliage!

  2. I will work on that. I have plans to do a short video of the foliage driving on 52 East from town.

    Thanks for the comments!