Sunday, October 10, 2010

Violas & Pansies...Bulbs Too

Earlier this summer the small amount of Violas mother planted surprised me. I mentioned I was going to get a bit more serious about adding more color around here. I just hope these danged things survive while I'm gone for the brutal winter months. Or at least I think they are! Getting buried in leaves is something that may dictate my Florida retreat. That would mean the middle of November once 95% of the leaves are down.

Here's a spot that hasn't done much lately. With the drought that surrounded my property this past summer (not 2-4 miles away) nothing would grow here due to lack of water and just plain lousy soil loaded with rocks. By removing down to 12 inches and replacing with good stuff Violas and Pansies may welcome my effort?

More spring wonders against the cabin or at the railroad tie gardens. Lowes has been a disappointment as far as finding these plants this fall, so I ventured into Wally World where oodles of stuff was available. Yea, I over did it again, but what the hey. I'm not planning on doing anything on the west side until spring, so much of the color will be around the driveway area.

Planters and containers. Not sure how these will do with nobody around for 2 1/2 months or so...

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