Monday, October 4, 2010

Looks Like November

And I'm not interested! Low of 38 degrees this morning got me to thinking time to get some use out of the firewood collected this past summer, though I didn't expect to be using it for another four weeks. The annual migration to Florida will begin earlier this year, much earlier.

Last week son Ryan and I started insulating the crawlspace. I'm 3/4 of the way done with no interest in going down there until my back begins to feel better. Yep, can't do things like I used to be able to do, even five years ago. It made a pretty boring weekend doing nothing but laying on the couch for the most part. Incidentally Ryan has gone back to Florida. It was a combo decision. Afterall, there just isn't much up here for a kid that has no interest in doing the kind of things people his age do. IE drinking and partying. Besides he has an interest in a lady down south. Good for you son. Be happy and go for it!

Oh, a month ago I said to hell with that lawn, but thinking it through I knew I'd regret it come spring. So throw a little Rye and some Fescue and hopefully it will look halfway decent come May of next year. At least this time around the seed didn't get washed away like the heavy rains of last fall. Looks pretty strange eh? Hoping the Fescue will blend in once it germinates. I didn't have a very well organized plan of attack this time around.

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