Monday, October 25, 2010

Yessir. Fall Is Here

But very pleasant weather the last week or so and not those frigid mornings where the temps hovered a tad above freezing. Finally finished off the insulation under the house and noticed this on the dust mask I've been using. Do these things expire? Notice the use by date. There must be a reason for it.

Peak foliage is very close around town, but you'll notice I have a number of bare trees, notably many Poplars that surround the lawn area and a few black cherry trees that never leaf out well to begin with.

Hostas are showing their fall color, some of them. My climbing Hydrangea has done well this year with one shoot or branch making it to six foot up the tree. Barely noticeable in background.

"First frost" hosta living up to it's name so far...No frost yet.

Mexican Sunflower finally bloomed. Surprising, because it get's very little sunshine this time of the year. I expected blooms by August when the location gets oodles of sun.

And those crazy Paperwhites planted last November love to appear early. I assumed they would sprout at the time many other spring bulbs late winter..not mid fall.

Upon removing some Gladiolus bulbs from a shady spot where they never bloomed I came across dozens of itty bitty bulbs. By dumping them in a few holes about two inches deep up the drive maybe a surprise will show next summer.


  1. I've never heard of a climbing hydrangea. Where did you find it? Your place is beautiful. We actually live in your area off Big Creek.

  2. Wilkerson Gardens west of Atlanta. Nice to see an Ellijay resident on board!

  3. Hi, just dropped in for a visit and have to tell you that your little cabin looks exactly like the place we always talk about getting some day. We now live in an older Victorian we bought 8 years ago and are thinking about something smaller within 5 years. We recently took a month long road trip along the coast of Maine and some areas there had a certain appeal.