Monday, September 12, 2011

More Final Garden Pics

I'm not expecting any changes from this point for the rest of the year. That moon flower has been a tough one to photograph, mainly because the leaves are shiny so there's always a glare off them. This one taken after the big rains early last week with dear ole' momma.

Another view taken this morning along with the Morning Glories that have fully leafed out. Notice Cleome bush in front. I had dozens of these things coming up earlier this year and decided to keep five of them. Cut back about five times and they've become a bush. Petunias growing wild in driveway as well. Reseeded from last year.

More Petunias below. White silverish ones from seed...took forever. I had them scattered everywhere but this time of year it gets too shady in most areas so most were moved into this spot that catches more than six hours sun daily. I'm planning on tiering them up the drive next summer. Picture taken this evening. Cardinal flower vine getting full (fence post)...some flowers...too tiny.

Along the side of the cabin. Annual Lantana that was rescued for $ 1.50 back in July. Three plants in pot. Two types of potato vine, a struggling Clematis but it did have a bloom last week. Lot's of different colored impatiens, Red salvia, and some stupid African Daisies that only bloomed for one week.

Let's see what else? A hodgepodge of a mess here...Begonias did very well in part sun this year. Never made it in the shade in previous years. Coleus here and there, Angelonia, one sun Impatiens that never really found a real home. Butter Daisies (yellow) reseeded from last year. They're real late comers. Didn't pop through the ground until mid July.

Blue star creeper planted two months ago filling out nicely. They seem to crave this spot. I've already taken plugs and spread them to other locations.

Another pic shows a Black Eyed Susan Vine that failed to climb all over this lattice. Not sure why this one didn't get off the ground like others. Lottsa Cleomes in back ground...the "Cleome jungle" Others, double Impatiens, Swedish ivy, creeping Jen, variegated Vinca vine, and Coleus.

Another hodgepodge. Leftovers more like it.Many rooted New Guinea Impatiens beginning to get full. Several rooted Petunias as well.

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