Sunday, September 18, 2011

E Cigs - Nine Days Without A Smoke

And it wasn't that hard at all. It's these e-cigs that I learned about on a TV infomercial. I think it was about the Blu brand which I've learned does have it's drawbacks mainly with battery power. E Cigs work by way of water vapor or mist with flavors and that all important ingredient of nicotine.

Even though you can order tobacco flavors it seems few actually stick to them; and they don't really taste like a real butt. Some taste like pipe tobacco. I've tried five flavors with Keoke Coffee (mild coffee taste) seeming to be the winner at this time. Strength: 18 mg, whatever that means. For hard core smokers that use Camel and the likes one can opt for 24 or 36 mg. I tried a test vial of 24 mg and it knocked me back a bit.

It started at 7PM Friday September 9. I've been cutting down on those older analogs (that's what they call real cigarettes in e cig circles) since April of 2010. Down to 10, 8 back to 12 and finally at six per day, while only smoking 1/3 of a butt at a time. This past summer it got worse as far as breathing capabilities. I thought I had COPD or worse. I thought I was done, a goner.

I couldn't push the lawnmower without taking two breaks, walk up part of my driveway without five breaks. Nine days later it's a complete reversal. I zipped through the lawn with ease and actually pushed a wheel barrel up the drive with one break. I have energy and don't dread doing yard work anymore.

More important I can breathe again. Yea, it sounds all preachy, but will it last? For me it has to which will make it work. The real benefit to this and not all the other gimmicks is the sensation of "vaping." Although different flavors offer different results it's just a matter of forgetting that real cigarette feeling...if that makes any sense. I'll admit I'm not there yet, but minor urges pass me by each day.

Yea, I've been "dragging" on coffee all throughout this short entry. If you're interested I would suggest the TRex e cig and buy the additional power thingie that you can plug into a PC. While they claim the batteries last awhile(300 charges), I don't trust it. How safe is nicotine? Who really knows? Could be similar to caffeine. With some e cigs you can ween yourself to 0 mg. One thing is clear, I don't choke and gag every morning.

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