Friday, November 27, 2009

Wildflowers Expected To Shoot Up

By obtaining the names on the packages here's a photo list of what is being planted...scattered. Top going left to right.

Butterflyweed- also known as chigger weed. I already have this growing.
Prairie Aster
Farewell To Spring
Mountain Garland
Lance Coreopsis
Plains Coreopsis
Purple Cone flower
California Poppy
Blanket flower
Indian Blanket
Globe Gillia
Birds Eye(a)
Blue Flax(p)
Perennial Lupine(p)
Arroyo Lupine(a)
Missouri primrose
White evening primrose
California Bluebell(a)
California Bluebell(a)
Annual Phlox(a)
Black-eyed Susan(a)
Scarlet Sage(a&p)
Bachelor Button
Spurred Snapdragon

...and three or four that didn't make the photo gallery.

Corn Poppy
Gloriosa Daisy
Nodding Catchfly

A few months ago I bought (8) 2 gram packets of these. Offered by Ferry-Morse called Natures Rainbow Mixture and American Native Mixture, or enough to cover about 200 square feet. The area is now running at about 300 so I needed more. Now Lowes has easy shaker wildflower seed and more selections are added to what's above. And much lower in cost.

Bring on Cool Color Mix by Burpee...

Chinese Forget Me Not
Bachelor Button
Annual Baby's Breath
Virginia Stock- not sure about this one
Clarkia elegans

...and another bag to cover 1,000 square feet. Damned place! Now what am I going to do? Get some seed up on that other bank (opposite) that get's a lot of sun as well? This one is called Flagrant Wildflower Mix. Guaranteed To Grow!

The list...

White Yarrow
Sweet Sultan
Siberian Wallflower
Chinese forget me not
Sweet William- have already
Birds Eye Gilia
Candy tuff Amara
Sweet Pea lathyrus
Sweet alyssum
Evening Scented Stock
Four o'clock
Lemon Mint
Nicotina Alata- smells like cigs?
Evening Primrose

Good thing I don't have more full sun areas around here. This place would keep me busy!! Too busy.

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