Saturday, November 14, 2009

Finally. Steps Off The Driveway

Forget that other idea of creating rail road tie steps. That project would have taken forever amongst a weave of roots and who knows what else. Not to mention the slope being extreme. With the chainsaw being out today and the blade/chain getting duller and duller I thought about putting it to rest by cutting some railroad ties. That usually puts them into the can't use again department. I'm not good at sharpening them anyway.

So, another project complete. It didn't take as long as I had thought either. I did think I would encounter some large rocks but it wasn't so bad. A few finishing touches needed but finally...steps up to the old logging road! Good place for the 30 or so daffodil bulbs left.

A view from above...


  1. Dad, I just want to let you know everything is going good. i've been very busy with the church and it seems like i never get a chance to use the phone. The 21st of this month makes 1 year here. Also i got approved to take (2) 8 hour Saturday passes next month so when you come down i will put them in but i have to know a week in advance. The computer next to my cubicle has internet so i have been loging on your blog. I suggest putting some more before & after pics.

  2. Good suggestion on before and after. But I don't really have many good pictures taken three years ago. The place was loaded with trees...not much visibility.

    Looks like I'll be down that way sometime around the 16th . Stay for about a month. Looking forward to it. Maybe we can go watch Jennifer win $$ roping cows...LOL. Pine Island

  3. If you"ll be down around the 16th of Dec, i'll put in for a pass that Sat the 19th then I can put in for another one the following Sat the 26th, if thats alright with you. I will call you this saturday