Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Choices For The New Garden Area

Or should I say really rough draft. Click the image to enlarge.

Must be able to tolerate shade.

To Do:

More research on what works where. Or will they grow up here in mountain country? Dave's Garden and the gardenweb are very good sources for folks that usually wonder why this plant died or turned brown etc. One I've been looking into are Astilbes as they like moist, wet soil with shade. That would probably work well where the driveway rainwater runoff now lays. Most of it falls off the hill (picture below) and sits in a gully. It remains moist during dry times as well.

Still unsure how that was created. Maybe years ago when that large dam up the creek failed. Who knows how much water rushed through here then. I would venture a guess this cabin would have been under water if it was here.

Judging by pictures over the years, the sun shade mix looks something like this between May and July. After that the shade increases.

Updated pressure treated garden layout. It looks kind of stupid in the illustration, but the way I look at it, it will be colorful. Wondering if the Tulips will be around when the others make an appearance?

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