Friday, October 2, 2009

Wanna See That Lawn Again?

I do not need a gully washer! By the time this reseed project is done there will be about four cubic yards of compost/topsoil at 1/4 inch. My six cubic foot wheel barrel, purchased two years ago is showing more signs of wear as the bearings are noisy when pushing heavy loads. I've already had to replace the bolts that hold the bucket on the frame.

This area should look sharp in 3-4 weeks with a good crop of existing grass mixed with new seed. With the existing grass cut to one inch, now you may understand why it needed more seed. Hopefully the creeping Fescue in the mix will keep it filled in. There's actually several types in this Deep Shade seed variety.

I don't expect the rest of the lawn to look great before the growing season ends, but who knows. The low areas that were filled may not come through looking the same.

And the drainage pipe for the roof runoff (below). More friggin roots! I thought I'd seen enough of them. Plenty of leaves falling that will present problems. New seedlings don't like to be trampled on and I'll need to get the leaves off the lawn. Otherwise if they get wet (morning dew) it's a pain to get them up without raking. They can also trap and kill the new growth. The blower only works well at 15 feet maximum. Beyond that, the lawn has to be walked on.

I have a solution! A revolutionary product you may see at a garden center near you in the future! How much demand for the idea is the question. But people love gadgets, eh?

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