Monday, October 19, 2009

States I've Been In

Found a neat gizmo at this link. You can select the states you've been in and it will render a code that can be inserted into the html.

visited 24 states (48%)

Definitely a pattern. No far northern states seen. I didn't include the states I merely drove through, nor did I count New York because I've only been to NYC. All states indicated staying overnight or visiting someone.

I haven't stayed overnight in Alabama or seen anyone, but I've seen quite a bit of the state.

Additions next year this time...maybe. But who will take care of the gardens when I'm gone:(

Michigan- see a Tiger game?
Illinois- Wrigley Field
South Dakota
North Dakota
Utah - why go here?
Nebraska - maybe hook up with an old frat bro..if I can find him

Not shown- Ontario, Canada - guy helps me with the hardwood flooring talk website/message board ... Need a passport

Just thinkin' ...probably change

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