Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Good Thing About Rain - Firewood

Over the weekend a large white oak fell over the main road leading in. Considering I have exhausted much of the easier accessible dead wood laying around, it looked like a good time build up the inventory. Plenty around for a few months. I won't be using as much anyway this winter as the little wood stove can't keep temps above 70 when outdoor temps stay low. It's good for days that may only be in the 40's and 50's.

That could be the next few days too! I was asked this morning if I wanted to drive to Florida. Sorry.

The whole neighborhood probably wanted a piece of the action with this old timer that fell. In fact when the first cut piece went into the back of the truck a neighbor stopped. Naturally he wanted some of the action. I hesitated then asked if he lived in the area. "Yep, up the hill..." He got a half dozen pieces; said he's be back the next day. I did leave some for him but he was a no show this morning.

Good thing most have jobs otherwise it would be gone.

Winter exercise.

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