Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Acorns This Year - Plenty Last Year

I wondered why I hadn't seen a squirrel in awhile. Actually the whole place is void of any wildlife, except some pesky birds that made a mess of my new fence this spring. Hopefully they'll give up on the place because I closed up their nesting place; under the side porch.

So if the squirrels don't have any nuts to eat will they come back and discover all the bulbs I've been planting? I suppose some are not tasty to them while others may be. Incidentally last year was a boon for acorns. Massive quantities. It was pretty interesting on windy days when they would pellet the roof.

Story On No Acorns Last Year - Washington Post, Va Area.

Something I drew a few days ago. Dammit why did I buy so many Tulips? They need sun and I don't think I have a good place for them unless I add them to the Crocus area.

Those not planted yet:
  • Crocus
  • Dutch Iris
  • Daffodils across creek and most of the pathways
  • Allium

I was surprised to see the Paperwhites discounted 50%. I didn't pay attention when I grabbed them, nor did I see this. Will they grow? Already sprouting from the bulbs.

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