Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Always Looks Like A Construction Zone

...and I didn't include any pics from the west side of the house. It's a mess anyway. Weather crappy, not in the mood to do much after completing the lawn redo. A few new seedlings here and there. By the weekend there should be some noticeable effects..I hope.

My Dianthems are getting greener and a little bushy. Five died when the ten inch deluge a few weeks ago took them out. Blue Star Creeper moving along nicely.

I commented on how well my Mexican Heather was doing a few days ago. I saw this the next morning. No warning either. Grrrrrr. I thought it was a perennial. After all it's a woody plant. The Azaleas have not been touched. Prior to the buzz cut, the Heather was probably three times larger

Oh well, mother knows best. Mulching time nears. Still plenty down the road.

I love these white Impatiens, and this particular plant has grown crazy the last few months.

And this crazy plant that's been doing nothing all year longs decides to bloom. Pineapple Sage in the background(tallest plant). Mums from last year and some Pansies and whatchamacallits.

Vines beginning to lose their luster. Cold weather is knocking for sure.

Flagstone pathway going slow.

New Orange mums almost bit the dust in this area. Too much water puddles when it rains hard. Probably need to drill a few holes in the wall for drainage. Purple ones doing okay. I understand all are planned for transplant to the other side of the house. When is not known.

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