Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rain Gutters Finally - Great Service

Ellijay Ga Rain Gutter CompanyLast week I called a local Ellijay rain gutter company for an estimate to finally get some rain spouts up. They're only needed on the back side of the house because the front runoff actually serves to water a flower bed that thrives.

Crump & Holmes is the name of the company. Run by Jarrod Holmes and his father John, the work was completed yesterday rather than the tentative date we had for later in the week. Great guys from the get go. I highly recommend their services.

John and his father... who incidentally has plenty of compost for free. The only concern is it's horse manure compost. Some web research tells me as long as it's broken down well it should work. Too green or smelly would result in lots of seeds germinating. I don't need an oat field in the backyard!

Next step is digging a trench so I can bury the drainage pipe shown in the background. Maybe now I'll have a drier yard?

Yikes, almost stepped on this critter while taking pics. He must like my new flagstone path. Sunny spot today. Saw another larger snake on the driveway too. Must be the cold weather bringing them closer to the house or maybe critters they like. Temps have been drifting into the lower 40's at night.

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