Monday, September 7, 2009

New Garden - Fence With Sweet William

The more I learn about these Dianthus or "Sweet William" it appears they may be as easy to grow as the Impatiens I have. They also reseed and apparently grow into the winter months depending on temperatures. Flowers from mid April into November...I think. More information at Daves Garden with comments and oodles of nice pics (if you're a member).

I started these things where the rain barrel was and thought...why not. Let's run 'em all the way up the driveway. sure about that yet, but it's an idea. Naturally lot's of rocks to dig up preparing the soil.

Closeup pic. They're supposed to be fast growers as well. I'm inclined to think one actually grew an inch since planting three days ago next to the porch. Colors are primarily whites and reds...tired of too much pink around here. Curious to see what happens with them. The area need something else besides these flowers. I'm thinking some kind of grass (no not a lawn) in between areas to break it up a bit.

And I'm sporting a new hair style. Feels great but mosquitoes, or some small critters love that "virgin" skin if a hat is not worn near weedy areas. Chiggers seem to be gone, wearing shorts for the last three days, but still using Deep Woods bug spray.

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