Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Gully Washer Since May

One quarter of an inch shy of six inches fell in eight hours today. I've been wondering how my driveway drainage adjustments would fare, or at least the new diversions for rainwater runoff. #1 is an improvement and actually runs under part of the garden area. #2 is the newest one. The two in between fence post 3 and five collect most of it now.

I've also been wondering how the garden shed would hold up to rain. Yikes, not so good. But there are only a few small gaps causing problems, or so it seems. I thought of caulking the top side (two colors, leftovers) then painting the deck instead of the previous idea.

Aeration project about 1/3 complete. Good thing I didn't dump any of that new topsoil I picked up the other day. That would have been a goner much like what happened in late April during a good rain dump.

I hope my eight hour effort and 10,000 holes won't go south either. I had planned to get some good top soil in those buggers, but they could be closing up because of the rains. Maybe it just needs to be raked as the soil under the grass is pure packed clay. Photo below shows after the six inches fell.

Good topsoil and micro organisms is what I've learned about recently. I'm gonna give organic lawn treatment a whirl. Corn meal seems to be a good fertilizer that also offers benefits against lawn disease and critters. Some suprising findings at the Garden Web organic lawn care forum.

See what happens.

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