Saturday, September 12, 2009

About That Lawn - Time To Redo

I have a feeling I may be spinning my wheels trying to get this lawn in good shape, at least the larger area that has all sorts of problems. I spent another hour and a half trying to manually aerate part of it and it's obvious the soil quality isn't there. Healthy lawns are supposed to have good root growth and not the one inch I'm getting. It's no wonder, the soil is clay and compacted heavily.

Looking at this site from the University of Georgia it mentions healthy soil, the kind that worms like. I haven't seen nary a worm in that stuff. So I'm seriously thinking of renting a rototiller and get this thing right. I imagine there will be a pile of good sized rocks when I'm done because I've been hitting them constantly trying to aerate manually.

The lawn also needs some improved grading. I really should have built the pathway that leads to the creek with a slight slope to the opposite side rather than to the lawn side. I just figured the rain water runoff would go down the side of the path. Instead it travels into the lawn and sits there (illustration above). I thought I had it right last summer but did rush it. This time I'm going to get a string line out.

Those are my thoughts now. It could change tomorrow. Two days ago I was thinking of leaving it alone until spring. But I bought this new fangled seed a month ago that's supposed to really do well in shade. It could go bad by spring.

But will it grow? Here's a spot that's growing moss.

Blogger upload down...More later

Added September 13. Forget the rototiller. The more I read about 'em I'm certain it will kick my ass. Maybe 20 years ago, but not anymore. I'm going back to another plan. Build a raised flower bed along the walkway. Or at least in the area that will block the water runoff. Kind of like the pic below, but about two foot wide. Possibly make use of that rain barrel too. Cut 'er in half and place them at each end for planters.

I'll continue manual aeration, and maybe, just maybe these two options will reduce the amount of water that lays on the lawn. Lot's of holes and lotssa good compost added to the lawn. That outta loosen things up. If that doesn't do it, bring in the rototiller and help next March.

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