Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Lawn Again...

Now that the rain age (kind of like an ice age, or so it seemed) is history it's drying out time. The lawn is still quite wet after ten inches in six days but aeration has helped. That project is over with, thank goodness. Now it's time to fix what I rushed into last summer; creating a flat lawn so the rain runs off better.

The above picture represents about 15 large wheel barrel loads in a combination of local soil, sand, and topsoil I picked up last weekend. Five or six more ought to complete the project. Sand? I thought the same, but local experts say it's good for keeping algae from growing.

The low spot collected a lot of that stuff and was always mucky when the sun didn't hit it. Poplar trees losing their leaves are opening up some of the shade. I'm thinking about bringing three trees down this winter to give the lawn some more sunshine, particularly during August and September when it gets very little.

Keeping an eye on the slope with a string line...

And I finally got around to calling in a rain gutter guy. With all that rain last week I had plenty of time to see where it goes once it falls off the roof. A good portion runs off the end of the roof in the foreground and into the low areas. I thought the culprit was rain water rushing over the flagstone path. That's part of it but not the largest cause. Expecting work to be done about one week from today.

Oh... and the bird feeder was moved. It was always hard to get a good view of who was in there when sitting on the porch. Moreover, once the back door opened they would scatter. Kind of looks crooked doesn't it? Expect to see some good bird pics this winter.

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