Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rain Delay

Not much happening around these parts. Just waiting until the rains go away. No measurable accumulation after the big deluge Tuesday. Drizzle now and then with cloudy skies. Some sunshine Friday, but all the work areas are wet and muddy.

The inspector has arrived, but I have yet to see a report.

One of the heated discussions with UPS. They have failed to perform their duties. Package was due Tuesday. Still no sign of them.

Oh, I have been working on more lawn aeration. Much easier now with looser soil. Visited Buck Jones Nursery down in Woodstock this morning, but it was raining. Nice setup. Lot's of space where you can drive up and down aisles while looking. Sorry no pics but I did pickup some bulk topsoil. Sure beats paying by the bag at Lowes. I only wish the place was closer. $15.95 for a bucket (3/4 cubic yard)

1 comment:

  1. Looks like more rain in your forcast. That much rain would have me climbing the walls. So was the inspector pleased with the summer growing season? Still too hot here to do anything. Maybe in October :(