Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plants & Stuff. Early September

More plant stuff. I haven't looked into how to care for these things, but I give them a resounding thumbs down. Give it a big haircut? They don't like standing up straight either.

Here's some interesting moss I discovered near the English Ivy.

Cleomes are past their support level and beginning to sway. I'm not crazy about them anymore either.

Petunias on the wall continue to degrade. But check out those Mexican Heather bushes. The Hershey Azaleas are getting overgrown...barely noticeable from this angle.

Here's that vine on the fence again...and a closeup.

Impatiens need no help. This is an ideal spot for them. They grow like crazy with shots of fertilizer from time to time.

Getting bored with this area. I just had to blow twenty bucks on some mums the other day. They are kinda small, but may puff up before the first frost. Only problem is sun. The area gets about four hours this time of the year.

More straggling Petunias pulled from another area are now located near the tree stump.

More Impatiens transplanted to the bank opposite of railroad tie garden. I've never been able to get a good pic of what it really looks like..always too much glare. This should be FILLED next year.

Lawn muck. Covers about 25% of the main area. I may have to abandon grass in some areas. After doing some minor aerating five days ago it still doesn't dry out. No air circulation nor sunlight. Smells musty too. Got tired of the lawn progress and dumped some high nitrogen fertilizer on it two days ago. I'll take green over blah. See what happens.

Another vine. I'm hoping it covers that stone wall that was never grouted. It was transplanted about six weeks ago and only covered about two square feet then.

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