Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Tarp Is On The Field

More rain, but not as bad as some areas west of me shown on the map. Looks like 5-6 inches near Chatsworth and Dalton. About 1/2 inch today in my area (round circle).

Lookie here, the forecast! Maybe I can plant some grass seed. Only problem is those damned leaves that keep piling up on the lawn. Of course they're damp now. Blowing takes a little extra time, but how can I keep them off when new grass starts shooting up? I'll have to walk on it.

The rain delay pics...

It looks like I have most of the low areas taken care of except for a few puddles showing in the center. I figure about four cubic yards of fill has been moved into the area. One of neighbor kids who was over yesterday to see the dead deer in the woods (Oh stinky!) asked "that's a lot of hard work you do around here, Why do you do it?"

"It's good exercise. You'll understand when you get older."

For the 1/4 inch deep top dressing after the seeding. A combination of premium top soil and composted cow manure mixed with about 1/6 sand. The forecast looks good and I'd hate to lose this stuff to rain. I'll have about $250 in this project once it's done, not including the labor.

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