Friday, September 4, 2009

Plants At Lowes This Time Of The Year?

After doing some investigating into what kinds of stuff I'd like to have growing around here, it's obvious the home improvement centers can't carry it all. Still waiting on the landscape designer. Could be that she is very busy which would make sense this time of the year, but it's been three weeks?

Oh well, now that other projects are near completion, it's time to get some color in the bare spots. Before you know it I may have it all done before mother arrives September 16.

Here are some shots of what the the local Lowes in Ellijay offers. I'm a day late as I think the shipments arrive Tuesday and Thursday. I was really looking for Asters (above) but they went quick and were on the pricey side for me. Definitely time to think seeds. Money can go fast and I've spent enough this year.

Oodles of mums naturally.

So...what did twenty bucks buy? Why not some Marigolds and Dianthus. Maybe they'll do okay up by the driveway because there isn't a whole lotta direct sun this time of the year in other areas. Check more sun/shade pics below. All taken at 11AM. Hope they last until November and get "puffy" or spread out.

But then I thought about this little spot. It seems to get a good portion of sun in the morning and afternoon and it's BARE! All pics taken at 11AM.

Grass is greening up!


  1. It always looks good with a distance pic. Othertwise still needs work. I've heard chicken litter works great. That, btw is chicken dung.