Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fence Garden - Progress

For days I've been looking at the other side of the fence from the driveway and thought about cutting out some brush. It opens up a better view when coming down the driveway but creates another issue. What do I do now? Something needs to go on the other side of the fence! These gardens keep multiplying.

I'd probably be bored to death had I not got involved in this stuff. That's why there's a large gap in my blog updates between late June and mid July. I was running out of things to do...or I thought I was. Kaboom, now I'm filled with ideas.

The other side of the needs something.

June 29 this year...

More on the fence garden. I picked up, Blue Star Creeper to place around the drainage rocks. They'll probably spread like crazy, but the sweet William tends to contain other plants or so I hear. Maybe extend the rock gulleys down the hill with the Creeper? Kind of like a waterfall effect?

It still needs something else. Some kind of grass or low growing shrubbery planted at the fence?

Oh, and after doing some shopping at the HD in Blue Ridge again I kept seeing "good for boggy or marshy areas" while looking for ground cover. The area on the other side of the path looks like it could fill the order. It stays moist most of the time and contains a lot of water runoff after it rains. Needs more research.

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