Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sealing Deck From Rainfall

I could not resist this idea while checking out the Home Depot in Blue Ridge Friday. I had doubts about using the plastic sheathing and plywood all along in keeping water out. I always thought "Great Stuff" that foamy insulation in a spray can was for insulating but it claims to work as a water proofer too.

Two opinions from actual knowledgeable guys at Home Depot sold me on the idea. Good advice is rare these days in HD except for this store. Lot's of orange smopped folks looking to help. The outcome doesn't look pretty. I may just foam it from the topside and trowel it into the cracks. At least this way I'll get a more uniform appearance, but lose the rustic look. I'll have to think about that because all the excess will have to be sanded off. Now the porch will have to be painted.

Another reason for this alternative: I can't stand up down there with plywood on the floor joists. It's no fun ducking while walking in and around the other storage. Had I known about Great Stuff before I could have sealed the other area better. At least the perimeter above the walls from the inside.

Always looking for ideas. Make a comment...please!

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