Friday, August 21, 2009

What Flowers/Plants Didn't Make It So Far?

I think I've done a pretty good job of keeping things alive around here. Seems pretty simple; pay attention, water, and fertilize. Fertilize is the biggie! Looking at some pics from a month ago and comparing today. These are the good examples...bad down the page.

Cleomes...and that spaghetti plant (Nasturtiums)- July 21

August 21
Classic example of adding fertilizer...

July 21.
August 21...
And to those lost or near lost...

Stupid Rose bush...I even fed it it's own special meal. Probably a bad location

Poor soul:(
Some kind of Lavender struggling...

Almost bit the dust..clematis. Now beginning to climb with new growth. Extremely slow grower, like the Rose bush.

Another bright spot, but took forever (mid June) to get going from seed. I forget the name. Now growing very well. I thinned them out three weeks ago and started some up the driveway. Growing slowly up there but I suspect will do okay. They're supposed to be flowering by now according to the specs.

Oh. The rustic table/bench I made. I haven't beaten it up yet. Why bother, can't see it anyway.

Ivy clippings planted next to pathway into the woods...they're easy.

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