Friday, August 28, 2009

Lattice Painting - Can You See It?

Another flaw, yikes. Incidentally I managed to line up the lattice after sleeping on it. I was really trying the save one full "sheet" and the leftover pieces didn't cut it. Any guesses on what's wrong in this picture? It's not the seams in the lattice, nor the paint job either. That's unavoidable.

Painting the lattice is a breeze with the right tools. I could not imagine doing this by hand!

Last few things to do
  • Build the ceiling inside
  • Build a table inside and thingies to hang tools on.
  • Bring in some rock for the floor.
  • Grade the open part near the door on porch.
Next project? Aerate the lawn. After spending about 45 minutes last night doing a small portion (70 SF) by hand, I've come to realize I really don't want to spend 24 hours aerating the lawn manually. I may change my mind after the expected rain ahead of us. It may soften the soil enough to make it easier, but I'll call around to see what it costs to have a lawn guy do it.

Btw, remember those problems I spoke of in the past? IE; blogger not working well, hard to work with, photos etc? Oh and all those freaking DIV tags it likes to stick in there. It's an Internet explorer problem. I may finally be using Mozilla from now on. I'm tired of taking these PC's to the shop.

Added August 29...the window is level

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