Sunday, August 2, 2009

Planned Wildflower Garden - Large

I probably won't get around to it until next summer when my son completes school. Reason being I'd like to construct a rock wall of about two feet in height that edges the north side (right side) of the driveway. If you look close enough there are gigantic ones that can be rolled down the bank for the wall. I can't move some of these things. Probably need some equipment as well.

Looking from a different direction...

So many websites on flowers and plants! I'm getting quite interested now. I'm now a member of Daves Garden under the name of kdfisher, but the links...oh my. I spent hours on this one yesterday. I can see how one can go overboard with this stuff, but I have so much area to play with on the four acres I have.

Pic Source

These things are cool looking. I actually found the name with the help of someone at Daves garden. I discovered one a few weeks ago off in the woods, but it seems there are varities. Here's the lonely one I found. Name is Silene virginica (Fire Pink)

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