Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Should Name These Gardens. Introducing Pete

Naming them would be a better way of describing "the garden west of the cabin near the walkway...just off the porch." Anyway, I've had all these small pressure treated 6 x 6 cut offs laying around and started playing with this idea. Still not sure, any opinions?

A better view from back...notice newly planted dead grass in foreground. And it was doing so well last week. Oh well:(

Rocks! I need rocks, but I really don't have the ones I'm looking for. I could go up to where the rock crusher used to be. A few trails from home, up and over some hills and through the woods. This used to be a popular party hang out for kids from what I've heard.

I have noticed some nice rocks halfway up my 1500 feet driveway in the bank I could check into. I'm specifically looking for more square type rocks like filedstone for these new gardens.

Not my pic. Source

Added August 6...

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