Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mossy Flagstone Walkways - Surprise

Here I thought I'd have to plant the stuff if I wanted some. Considering haven't paid much attention to what's growing on the actual dirt, this morning I noticed quite a bit of moss growing in my shady areas. This ought to really look sharp given more time. I bet that's hard to grow in Arizona, eh Kim?

The photo above is the walkway just off the driveway. Tyme has grown well, but I'm not crazy about the stuff. There's another creeper that grows wild around here (down by the stone bench too) that I may replace it with. Shown growing on the first walkway on the west side of the house with the photo below.

And onward down to the creek. It seems these danged Impatiens growing in the adjacent rock garden could be a problem if not watched. Here are some growing between the flagstones. Some have made it on to the lawn...but not for long! Reading some comments at Dave's Garden (website) it seems these plants just pop or explode when the seeds are ready. How else could they wander out of the garden? Wind?

Nearer to the creek. A healthy stand of moss...

Btw, if you're not familiar, click the images for a larger view.

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