Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's Eating Gilbert Petunia?

They're supposed to be easy to grow...yea? Anysorts, yesterday I noticed some are thinning out quite a bit. I've been getting black leaf spot on several plants specifically that dreaded rose bush that I haven't talked about. Here's a good video.

Ah, so the problem is dryness? That's a start. But 3" of rain in the last six days? Well fed? I did fertilize them about ten days ago. I give up. I did pick up some fungiside spray a few weeks ago. It seems to be helping the rose bush..kinda. More on that critter if it starts growing. Maybe it's not leaf spot affecting the Petunias in one location?

Healthy plant....

Not so healthy...about 12 feet away.

In the midddle...

I guess there's work to do. Keep the plants well watered. I don't know much about mulching, but I'm told that could help especially for this viney thing on the corner of the house. It's been a real slow grower. Darned nice looking after looking at Google images. But I didn't realize it was may be pink! I have enough of that around here. Time for some different color around. I wanna see blue, orange, and yellow.

Clematis Fireworks

I'll have some shrub selections the next few days. This place needs some. I may pay a visit to a neat looking nursery up the road in Cherry Log.

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