Monday, August 3, 2009

Manual Aerator For Lawn - Turf Hound 5 Stars

Turf Hound AeratorI've heard people talking about the Turf Hound Lawn Aerator on internet message boards. Most are positive reviews and others...probably constant whiners about anything. After a ten minute test run I am strongly positive. The soil has much to do with the ease of use. Three inches of rain over the last five days has softened it up nicely. It works like this...or well check the photos.

I figure it takes me about a minute to do two square feet. At 2,400 square feet, the job should be 20 hours. Or I could rent a machine and get it done in twenty minutes. But I know there are some rocks that should have been taken out before the lawn was seeded. One reason for some bare spots. Not sure how a power machine would navigate them. Those machines are extremely heavy for one person to handle as well. To be safe, lets figure five or six days (3-4 hours every morning) with this project that should start in mid to late August. Good exercise.

It's no wonder I can't get grass to grow in some areas. The water just lays on the surface and allows rot and fungus. Mind you I did not till the main area right when I planted seed. I probably had only 1/4 to one inch of loose soil to work with; the rest was compacted with a tractor that brought the dirt in.

Purchased online at Amazon- $ 30.00 or so including shipping.

Otherwise most of the lawn is thinning out, brown patches here and there. The best area below that was planted properly in late April is doing great. Very nice neutral Ph, drainage good, no water laying on the surface like other areas that are basically like wet sponges (pic above).

Healthy Tall Fesue

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  1. I have this product and like it as well. I put up some tips and my experience using the turf hound aerator on my blog. I didn't have many problems with clogging as long as I used it when the soil wasn't too moist. I think some people are afraid of manual labor or think everyone has a 20,000 sq ft lawn.

    Your lawn areas seem to be coming out nicely. Hopefully the rain didn't wash away all your seed. You've put in a lot of work.

    Don't rely too heavily on those home soil test kits. They're not very accurate. Every couple of years send a soil sample to your local cooperative extension office, or whenever you are having problems.

    Good luck.