Monday, August 10, 2009

Some Misc Pictures

Looking through pictures taken last year. View going east on 52 about 1.5 miles from home. Hillcrest Orchards (apple house) on right. Very busy place in the fall that includes an animal petting farm. On the left the Cartecay fire house.

Here's one taken about ten miles east of the above location looking west, also on State Road 52...

Looking northeast from 52 to Southern Road across a corn field...

Two restaurants in town have closed this summer. Here's on I visited once. It had been the location of the Davis House Restaurant that has since moved out of downtown. Website is far out of date. I spent some time here but after they moved it wasn't the same.

And my favorite restaurant River Street Grille (below) closed down as well. Apparently not enough business, yet the owner Steve did a great job with it in my opinion. I only wish him well in wherever he surfaces. Another honorable mention, especially for breakfast goes to the Cornerstone Cafe located just off the square.

I couldn't forget to mention the Cajun Depot Grille. Sorry no website or pics. Nice spicy down south Cajun food. Pretty waitresses too!

Here's the big movie house up in Blue Ridge!

These things practically fell apart after a few weeks...waste of money. DCon works just as well, but I think the mice may be into the wiring again as the AC hasn't been working this summer. Haven't had the need. The ceiling fans cool the place nicely.

On the porch last shorts after a morning workout! Danged chiggers are still around. Long pants and boots this year:( Hopefully cooler September weather will send them packing.

And the Chinese restaurant. Great folks at Tin Loong and a good buffet. Not a lot of restaurants serve liquor up here if that's a necessity. East Ellijay, yes. Ellijay, no.

Q - "Hey, whatcha taking that picture for?"

A - "I am a mysterious restaurant critic"

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