Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Wildflower Report

Nothing especially exciting, except the bluish one below. I suppose wildflowers can be weeds and vice versa. Most of what is growing would be on the weed side in my opinion. Several are growing tall or on the order of four feet and higher. Here's one the butterflies love.

There must have been seven or eight fluttering on these things today.

Here's a nice one. Several here and there. One was growing in one of the rock gardens and the expert didn't realize it. About three foot.

In amongst some other types...

Coneflowers with another orangery thing that grows all over the place. So many that a month ago I had to hack a bunch of them down because they blocked the creek view.

Bush like wild thing...low grower

On the west side near Pete and the stone walkway...

Dainty things...

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