Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photos From Higher Up - Roof

I'm able to get on the flat part of the roof for a different perspective. Above shows the new garden area, termed Pete for thew time being. Lot's of room here for ??

Roughed up pressure treated 6 x 6 garden and extra parking area completed about a week ago. It's a tight fit but ideal for a compact car. Makes turning around much easier now. I didn't consider the size when planning. But oh well, mountain terrain was never made to be simple or easy.

In the next one, I thought the creek would stand out better in the background.

This one shows how the wood chip trails disappear into the woods.

And on the southwest side; area near the stone bench. Now you get an idea of the lawn browning I've complained about.

I have certainly been doing some updates recently. Hopefully I can keep it up. Now and then there comes a time when I don't have the desire to. Quite frankly I thought I was running out of things to do around here until gardening became an interest.

The property has so much diversity to work with, specifically the east side of the cabin on the other side of Pete. There's an area that holds quite a bit of rain and spring water runoff that should prove interesting to play around with.

Here's a pic from last winter showing the area. Well, must be on the desktop that's been giving me problems. Maybe when I get that bugger looked at. Incidentally the other laptop is repaired. Headed into town to pick that up. Perhaps many pics dating back to 2007?

Not so.


  1. Hi Uncle Ken! Everything looks BEAUTIFUL! Mimi is all caught up on your blog now. :) She's talking about not coming up until DECEMBER with all this work you are creating for her. LOL Just kidding. We are going to look up flights now.

  2. Dad, i've been trying to figure out how to post a comment all last week, hopefully i got it? The cabin looks great and i cant wait to see it. Im working in the administration office now and have complete access to the web for the past month, so i log on everyday and see the updates on your blog, i've been busy with the church and now we have over 70 men in the centers so making my saturday phone call can be difficult at times, you can call me Mon-Fri from 1pm-5pm at the church # my ext is 234. Also as of today, im 2 weeks away from entering my 10th month! Everything is going good, im learning alot...

  3. What a pleasant suprise! Great to see you on the web and talking with your today.

    Keep up the great work.

    Love Dad