Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Gotta Go - Rain Barrel

Wooden rain barrelEvery time I walked past this spot (several times a day) I kept saying to myself, "it's gotta go." Last year it was a good idea considering the drought in the area, but this summer's rainfall looks to be average after a wet spring. And besides I can always pump water out of the creek if need be. What to do with it? Pull the chainsaw out and cut 'er in half for some flower arrangements? All the weeds are gone. Good spot for a big bushy thing that covers the whole area?

Let's see what Jennifer the landscape designer says Thursday. Oh, I didn't mention that? I spent some time at Little g's Nursery in Cherrylog (about 20 minutes northwest) last Thursday and was informed one of the owners can pay a personal visit and put together some ideas for a fee. At least this way I'll know what could grow here and there instead of the mass experimentation going on around here. I suggested a trade for ideas to increase her web site visibility.

I should get into more bartering. I had the stone place interested but they suddenly closed up shop earlier this year. River Street Grille was ready to go in exchange for food, but he closed down too:(

Some pictures at Little g's...

And about those other projects I was gung ho about? I needed a rest from the heavy manual work for a few days and pay attention to some book work. A few bushes that caught my interest.

Burning Bush - turns a bright red in the fall. It sounded good until I read this blog article.

"Full sun for best results." Not a whole lotta that around here.

Some color in the winter months?

Yuletide Camellia

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