Monday, August 24, 2009

Making A Door - More Carpentry Work

I've always enjoyed doing this stuff. It's too bad I didn't have more time in May of '08 to do the original larger storage area that lies below the main porch. Tom the handyman did do a great job, but we should have thought more about trying to keep the place water tight.

It works, but from time to time I see moisture running down the walls when it rains. My rope trick from above the porch has helped considerably in keeping much of the water from leaking on tools and so forth. The area is only protected by pressure treated plywood as a ceiling. Prior to the rope, rain water would seep through the seams

It looks messy now from the mud and recent rains, but someday I'll paint the entire area. Installing the rope was a real time consumer, and I'd rather not do it on the other side for now. Instead here's some progress on moisture control from above in the new area. That's as far as I got...boring work.

On to making a door. I thought breaking up the continuous lattice look, so I wrangled some lumber from Lowes. It's actually made from 5/4 decking material...and heavy. Probably because it's soaked with moisture. I just hope it doesn't shrink that much when kit dries out...yikes.

Progress... a bit nippy Sunday morning...notice garb...and why does he wear a hat, most of the time? It's a better pencil holder than my ears.

56 degrees 8AM

Final product. Whatcha think? Carve a quarter moon in the center of the door?

Still haven't found a window. Other side incomplete.

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  1. Mimi says NOT MOON! It will look like an outhouse. LOL