Saturday, August 1, 2009

Transplanting Stuff

Old Home

Maybe it just takes time for these Cleomes (imagine that I remembered the name!) to get used to their new home. Their birthplace was getting a bit crowded...probably should have thinned them out when they were smaller? About 10 were transplanted this morning and look pretty sad after a few short hours. Temps are around 74 with off and on sunlight. Soil is moist everywhere after two inches of rain the last three days.

New Homes

Only time will tell. I've had great success with Impatients. They seem damned easy to move around. Been trying to get this bank going with them for the past six weeks. The ones near the top do well, but bottom are kind of scraggly. Probably the soil. Quite rocky. Probably a good idea to clean it out and start over?

This area should be covered with these things next year considering how they drop so many seeds. There must be thirty I've planted from the railroad tie garden next to the house. They just keep multiplying constantly. Danged things are everywhere.

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