Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Snow

Just a sprinkling the other day...

These Dianthus continue to surprise me. Moreover, recent reading tells me they may make it through the winter months while flowering at the same time. Everything else around here is gone thanks to the 20 degree temps Saturday morning. Except that funky thing in the planter is still hanging in there.

Exception: Violas, marigolds. I plan on a nice showing of the Violas and some pansies (aren't they the same?) next winter by starting  from seed and containers in the summer. Should be very different along with other winter flowering things.

Noticed the other day an interesting find on the top of the roof. Looks like some shingles are loosening. I'm not about to explore it. That roof pitch is far too steep for me. No leakage the way I see it after three inches of rain last week. More rain on the way tomorrow. I'm assuming the heavy winds last week were the cause. Kind of rare for winds to actually have an effect here because of the location. Only when they blow hard from the north do I really feel or hear it. Mother has had wind chimes hanging for two years on the porch, but why bother?

More bulbs popping through the soil... Dutch Iris

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