Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dog Days Of August

Somebody made that phrase popular and now I understand the context. It's just been too darned hot and humid to get motivated and do much around here. I did predict this summer would be hot:( Some plants are getting that powdery mildew problem including Impatiens. I thought those critters were immune to practically everything. My Dianthus up the drive are croaking (50% remain), yet the ones near the house are doing very well. And none reseeded. I was hoping for that. Must be the type?

One bright spot on the right of the fence is the shamrock ground cover with small white flowers. It took them awhile to get going. Finally amounting to something. Maybe next year the area will be full.

Here are some projects from last month. A new rock garden in the woods with another trail. Some of the new hostas found a home there and Impatiens moved from another spot. Oh yea, some Creeping Jenny in there along with some small Columbines I started from seed. Hard to say if they'll make it as they're so fragile looking. I got tired of looking at them in small pots on the porch.

Moving up to the drive on the west side of the house is another railroad tie garden. Hostas and some other stuff I don't remember in there. Naturally more Impatiens and those other shade plants... Begonias(not faring too well)

On the other side shows some leftover flagstone that I cut into pieces to create separate areas...

And look what I found in the septic system. The biggest culprit, not to mention 200 pounds of roots growing here and there was a two foot glob that clogged the drain field pipe. I prefer not to go there again. I now can understand the importance of building inspections. I doubt they had one for septic in '91 when this place was built.

So that's about where things stand nowadays. The next project is doing something with the septic area. Rather than dig, dig, and dig in case it has to be pumped again, I liked the idea of creating a rock pile (right of photo) so I know where the stupid thing is next time! Looks like it's time for some better steps (I moved the old ones) over here and maybe a small platformed deck overlooking the new garden areas.

And yes, the Morning Glories finally came out...

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