Monday, May 9, 2011

Young Seedlings

A few more months and we'll find out if this perennial seed starting thing is worth it. I'm hopeful, but it does take quite a long time for results. Take for instance the first picture. This is Sweet William Sooty a chocolate colored flowering Dianthus. It was sown first week of March last year. It didn't do much for months and it was ignored until I saw some life and just stuck it in this area in front of some bearded Iris that were supposed to be a different color. These guys took a year and a half from root. Planted October 2009.

The results so far this year with trying perennials from seed. Ten Purple Cone flowers were moved to larger pots along with some Salvia Sage. Quite frankly I don't know where to put some of this stuff if they all make it. Few full sun spots around here. Most will go into the Alpine (hill driveway garden) garden, but will they survive the dryness? That probably won't happen until much later this year.

Trying my luck at Coleus from seed. Ordered from Swallowtail Seeds there are about 160 cells (about 50% shown here) with six or seven different colors. If one fourth make it, they will have plenty of places to call home. A bit late on starting but only time will tell. Started May 3.

And how about some Nasturtiums on the porch. Got the idea from Mom who mentioned an old friend had luck with them cascading down a basement wall. Incidentally some Moonflowers have been planted to climb some of the lattice on the west side, and a grouping near this step area. I don't think I'll have trouble with them growing. They exploded from seed with a vengeance already.

Up along the driveway will be plenty of large Zinnias behind the fence along with some giant Sunflowers. In front will be Marigolds and a few sections filled with African Daisies. No idea how how latter will do but the others love it around here based on last years growing. I'll have Zinnias out my ears in August. Maybe too many, including a Red Spider Zinnia.

Oh yea, some Blue Morning Glory has been seeded at the fence posts. Will it look like a jungle later this summer? I hope so. I just wonder if I'll be cussing myself out in 5 or six years with Morning Glories spreading everywhere.

One last spot along the lawn at the fence are more Marigolds in a few raised beds.

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