Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Project - Making Bricks

A TV program last night detailing how the great Wall of China was built got me to thinking. I have oodles of dirt around here and a shortage of rocks except for what's in the creek but they're too large and irregular. Sure would be nice if I could lift some of those out as they could create some nice scenery.

In any event, on to making bricks and blocks after creating a mold from a 2 x 4. The secret is getting the right mix. The first test is using one shovel full of sand, six dirt and one 1/2 shovel of cement. As you can see one has already cracked (I did try to move them because of rain) and it is not bonding at all. Perhaps take it up to 20% cement? I can think of all sorts of ideas with this method including finishing off a walkway area below. Simply dig out some molds in the dirt, fill, and replicate a stone look. Maybe saran wrap would work providing a texture?

Not crazy about the clay color though. Going to have to find a way to tone the color more to a grayish natural stone much like the walkways around here. There must be some natural element around here to get the desired look. Ground up wood bark, leaves? Trying not to spend money on this project except for the cement.

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