Friday, June 24, 2011

Stepping Stones Made From Soil

I think I have the right idea but it didn't come out too well. First sculpt a mold in the hardened soil where the mix will be dumped. I figured a two inch depth would give it some good stability.

Why not ad some reinforcement? Chances are this idea may fail without the right strength mud mix so why not use up all that chicken wire I have downstairs?

My attempt at looking to alter the final mix color didn't fare too well here. I thought I'd try some ash from the fireplace. It toned down the clay color a tad, but you can see... Lowes actually sells a powdered product made by Quikcrete that would cost about a dollar I (guess) for each block or stone. On to more thinking, I recall Adobe brick is sometimes made with dung (animal poop) so why not pay a visit to the farm for a load? I'm thinking it would be economical and may work to get a darker slate like charcoal color. Cost would probably come down to 12 cents per block or stone.

Not much luck in trying to achieve a slate like textured surface so I settled for using crumpled aluminum foil. Going to have to work on this idea. Realistically I did not spend much time on this aspect.

Looks kind of tacky eh? No contrast with the surrounding soil. 4 parts clay soil, one sand, one ash, 1 1/2 cement.

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