Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coleus Update

Yessir, those ugly ducklings. Or at least that was my view two years ago. Growing from seed takes forever by the most recent results. I did transfer a few into larger containers (below) but I don't see how that's going to make any difference. The roots aren't any longer than one inch if that.

So, rather than wait until the first frost to see what they really look like, I've picked a few here and there from local garden centers and rooted them. These were done about six weeks ago. Probably only three inches high and 3-4 leaves then...doing well in about four hours afternoon sun...hot too, but they grow better than being in the shade. Ten inches high or thereabouts but bushing out.

Looking at other offspring from the same mother plant these were just planted out after spending the same amount of time in deep shade. One (rear) was actually rooting in another location that had high shade. Quite a difference in color and size.

More from the garden shops. Cost? About 50 cents each when considering the cost of the momma plant. Multiplied several times over year after year, the cost will be pennies. I plan to take samples of all to Florida this winter and root for speedier growing next spring.

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