Monday, August 20, 2012

Time To Act

I know most or nearly everyone will ignore this, because they're afraid it may actually happen or they just don't want to think about it. Or they think, "we're an advanced society (or some BS like that) it can never happen because we have safe guards."

I've been thinking the same for years as they talk about and have never done anything about it. If you haven't seen the documentary you can see it again on August 22. It's time to do something. It may not happen for awhile, but who knows. At least I think I'll be able to go to a local grocery store that doesn't use computers and scanners to buy groceries. They still exist here and there.

Time for some real insurance in case the largest Ponzi scheme in history rears it's corrupt head too soon. It's no wonder I hate politics so much. The entire worlds' financial system is a fraud! Unbelievable documentary.

What kind of insurance? Silver bars. Yea, I've thought the same. It's pretty "expensive" now. But what happens when money becomes worthless? Or should I say when the shit hits the fan. There will be no demand for paper money. Look back at history...see the documentary. What will money be? Something that has value. What kind of value?

Considering there will be no demand for paper money, real value (it could also be as simple as having a few heads of cattle) will sky rocket. I'm not talking about sinking all my dollars into silver. Just enough to feel safe for the short term, but that may change when things begin to stir...if I can get ahead of the crowd.

Think about it. I know few will for reasons already mentioned. It's also nice to think I have a place to hunker down when the shit does hit the fan. Let's hope it doesn't, but all the signals are there. I ask anyone with an open mind to debunk my opinions BUT you have to watch the documentary.

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