Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Is Almost Over

Went fast eh? I figured i'd get some late summer pics up before the autumn leave colors. Naturally I'm disappointed with the Imopatens loss and four or five Hosta; wondering if they come back next year. Chances are goo they caught the Gold standard disease being only 3-8 feet apart. Probably said that several time this summer?

A week ago I rounded up all the Coleus colors I have and rooted about 100 of them which will go to Florida and be ready for lottsa color at my mothers home. Seems she can't do much gardening anymore. How many colors? Ten that I counted.

I also have all sorts of Black Eyed Susan (BES) vine growing on the driveway. Some quite small...Florida bound as long as they don't get too large in the meantime. Seems they seed anytime much like Morning Glories. Not sure of the reason for the re-seeding but may be due to the warm winter last year.

The jungle near the porch steps. Moonies, BES, Coleus, potato vines, Cleome, etc.

Moonies up the railing. BES in baskets and climbing the porch column.

 More of the jungle going up the steps....

Down across the lawn. The Bacopia (small white flowers) really took off in this area. Almost died in two other locations. Those whatch combs....always have a hard time with that name were replacements for Impatiens. They never do well around here even in full sun. Oh, annual Vinca is the name.

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